Connecting Networks

Interconnection steps

To join our IXPs, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Sign the purchase order
  • Manage your access connection to our IXP (locally, if your equipment is present in a Datacenter in which we operate, or through an operator link. All level 1 and 2 transport carriers are present on our POPs)
  • If you can't reach our IXP with a LAN connection, you have to provide your router or switch (direct connection on our switch is possible)
  • Connect the our equipments with 10, 100, 1000 Mbs FE or FO with 1 Gbs (SX, LX or ZX) or 10Gbs (LR)
  • Have a BGP router (and know how configure it)
  • Have an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and IPv4 and v6 provided by RIPE-NCC (or APNIC or ARIN). If you don't have one, contact us! We can help you obtain an AS
  • And of course to know by heart all the RFCs, in particular the RFC1149 updated by RFC2549... :).


We authorizes the purchase of back2back IP service, VLAN or Wave (intra-POP). Our IXP are therefore peering points, but also a neutral marketplace for Internet bandwidth (transit).

You may request VLAN on our switches.


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