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Main driver of growth in the global ICT market

on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

Main driver of growth in the global ICT market

According to International Data Corporation, the consumption of suppliers of servers, storage solutions and network equipment and software accounted for 44% of sales in 2018. These investments are expected to increase by an average of 6% per year and represent $426 billion over the next three years. Investments by cloud and digital service providers are expected to grow the most to reach $105 billion (+9% per year on average). Purchases by providers of hosting and colocation services amounted to $67 billion, representing an average annual growth rate of 7%.

However, there is a wide disparity between regions of the world. Indeed, if the share of these investments in the United States should increase to 47% in 2022 (compared to 44% today), Western Europe's share will not change and will remain at 12%.



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Source : Le Monde Informatique





Start of the new IXP in Annecy

on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 Posted in Archives Rezopole, Archives GrenoblIX, Archives LyonIX

Start of the new IXP in Annecy

AnnecIX welcomes today its 1st member! D-LAKE is a network operator and host of critical data founded by 4 telecom veterans. D-LAKE is above all an infrastructure provider in indirect sales and white label and thus allows resellers, integrators and ESNs to offer a portfolio of Telecom network and hosting services with high added value. The company is located in several Datacenters in the Rhône-Alpes region and is also able to deliver customers anywhere in Europe. D-LAKE offers VPN-MPLS, SD-WAN, LAN 2 LAN, IaaS Premium, Private Cloud, Secure Transit services.

"Due to its local dimension, AnnecIX perfectly meets D-LAKE's desire to provide better network connectivity in Haute Savoie. Connectivity to the various content providers connected to Rezopole's various IXPs will improve access latency to these sites for D-LAKE customers."




ASN: AS49028





New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 Posted in News Rezopole, News LyonIX

New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

At the same time a telecom operator, Internet service provider and operator of hosted services, AVM Up chose the cloud to resolve the problems that affect professional telephony, e-mail, SMS, fax but also the processing of the multi-channel flow of incoming documents.


"Recognized and experienced Expert, our areas of activity group together 3 fields:

software,  telephony for business and network."


 AVM Up is at the same time the expertise, commitment and quality! AVM is a human-sized independent 100% French company.


"This proximity allows us to exchange our know-how (Commercial, Customer service, R&D, Operator service and Networks (NOC), Administrative, etc.) and to bring a true support to our customers, with a high quality level, a high availability and a closely monitored security."


Why LyonIX?

  • The effort to improve the quality of Internet speed and the reduction in cost associated with the bandwidth.
  • As Internet operator, it is also interesting to be able to reach the market place allowing to sell and to buy Internet transit and/or all types of IP services.
  • LyonIX also allows to interconnect directly to our customers to be as close as possible to them and guarantee them a higher level of security by the implementation of an additional path towards the platform.
  • LyonIX is also a perspective to reach other IXP: France-IX, Equinix … whose future potential customers can become members.
  • Finally, LyonIX can also be interconnected with other country, the United Kingdom in particular.


AVM Up is present at the LyonIX 2D rack

ASN: AS201246

Learn more

Find more information here: AVM Up

The IoT Platform: here we go!

on Thursday, 29 June 2017 Posted in News Rezopole, News LyonIX, News GrenoblIX

The IoT Platform: here we go!

For the first time the IoT Platform connected its two users: a local government and a supplier.

The local government is located in the Paris region and is benefiting from the dynamism of the capital to accelerate the digital and IoT (Internet of Things) development in its territory. The supplier, based in the South of France, is an expert in the deployment of IoT project, from installation to analysis and data restitution.


You too come find on the IoT Platform your future customer or specialised supplier!





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