Connecting Networks


Rezopole operates 2 Internet eXchange points (IXP) with a total of 7 Points of Presence (POPs) in France.

Our IXPs (in blue on the map) are connected, which gives each IXP members the opportunity to peer with the other members. Moreover, these IXP are interconnected to other IXPs in France or abroad (in orange on the map) in order to allow peering between the members of each IXP.



How to peer

In order to use our interconnections and reach the members of the other IXPs, you need to peer on our Route Servers. You don't have to add an extra IP. Members can filter the received routes and chose to advertise their prefixes only to certains Internet eXchange Points throughout the BGP community.


For more information on the infrastructure status, stats or the AS list, you can check the Network Operation Center page: 




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