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Welcome to the GrenoblIX IXP


GrenoblIX is the Internet traffic eXchange Point of Grenoble operated by Rezopole, a non-profit organization.

GrenoblIX members can improve the quality of their Internet traffic and can benefit from lower bandwidth prices. Therefore the IXP helps develop very high speed Internet in Lyon.

GrenoblIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point), a market place which allows members to buy or sell Internet transit and/or any layer 2 or IP services.

The Grenoble IXP is open to all economic players who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

GrenoblIX Key Figures

8 members

437 ASN

5 BGP sessions

3 racks

2 POPs

5  hosted equipments

9 Ethernet ports

GrenoblIX news

  • Official launch of the IdO Platform

    Official launch of the IdO Platform

    The reference website for all IoT (Internet of Things) actors!

    This new tool, developed by Rezopole, made great impression during it's presentation at the SIdO 2017.

  • Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

    Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

    May 2017: Rezopole joins the CRiP, Club of Infrastructure, Technologies and Production Excecutives. This NPO established in 2007 under the law of 1901 is presided by Mr. Philippe Sersot, Crédit Agricole Silca Deputy General Manager.

  • Save the date : BGP Workshop on June 19th & 20th

    Save the date : BGP Workshop on June 19th & 20th

    The next BGP Workshop will be held on June 19th and 20th at the Rezopole premises in Lyon! Learn the basics and master one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet for an efficient peering.

  • Undersea cables 2017

    Undersea cables 2017

    Find here the animated map, made by Business Insider, which reveals the 550,000 miles of cable hidden under the ocean that power the internet...

  • The Rezopole 2016 Activity report

    The Rezopole 2016 Activity report

    You will find in this document a complete retrospective of our 2016 actions and events. Download it in PDF format from this link. Enjoy the reading!

  • Feedback on RUG 15

    Feedback on RUG 15

    The Rezopole User Group was held at the Rezopole premises on March 31st. Rezopole had the pleasure to receive Rémi Lapeyrade, researcher at the CNRS-LAAS, who presented the SDN project at the TOUIX IXP.

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